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Trail markers to get me back on the main section of trail were in good locations. I started at Orchard Lake Rd and went North East to Pontiac on a Sunday afternoon.

The trail is well cash advance loans. Some road crossings, but not too many to spoil the ride. The trail was moderately busy. Where it joins the Clinton River trail there is crushed gravel.

I would ride it again. I did not make it to the South West end. I rode this trail cash advance loans the first time while in Novi for a work event. The trail was very rough on the majority of the trail and overgrown in some areas. I will not ride this trail next time I'm in town because it made my ride not very enjoyable. Hopefully they will give it some attention because it has the potential to be a decent trail. Recreational Trail is a nice little trail, but as the previous two reviewers had mentioned, is quite rough.

There are many cracks in the pavement that you need to online loans be careful, throughout every portion of the trail. Most have been spray painted to alert users of the danger, but even still it's hard to see. I'd recommend the trail to cyclists, but if you are a roadie, I wouldn't necessarily bring my best bike. A hybrid or any bike with larger diameter tires is best suited to handle the terrain of the aging trail.

With the negatives out of the way, the positives are quite nice. The engineering of the trail is outstanding. There are signs at ever spur in the trail and all parts of the trails avoid roads, bypassing M-57 (Vienna Rd) and Mill St. Terrain-wise, For those who want a good workout with elevation, the trail provides some nice little climbs, mostly heading south towards Wilson Rd.

In some spots the trail is quite overgrown, but never enough to not have a path on the trail. Some of the spots on the trail are apt to be muddy or have a tiny amount of water going through it. It's never enough to make it impassible but might make you wet if your bike tire splashes it up.

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